Qlik and Tableau – Mobility

Remember those times where phone used to be just a phone, all you can do is talk and carrying it around was a bit of task for us back then. Over a short period of time all this has changed and our phone has become a medium for everything, your email, organizer, web, music, movies, podcasts, weather, dining and travel as well. These days everyone is so concerned about mobility whatever they can do on a computer, they want on their mobile phone as well.

Business Intelligence is not an exception in this subject; we don’t want to open our laptops everywhere just to make a small analysis. So, for this lot of vendors in Business Intelligence market have expanded their technology from being able to work on a computer to a mobile phone or tablet. If you are into Business Intelligence and reading this, I don’t have to explain, how convenient it would be to make analysis of your yearly sales data from your phone sitting in a train on your way to work.

Let’s see how our favorite tools in BI – Qlikview and Tableau fair on a mobile platform:






User Interface

Qlikview user interface can be designed as per your business requirement. If the objects are bigger then it will be better to use on a Mobile device. You can’t expect your regular “ Dimensions on the left, Graph on top and Table below ” kind of dashboard to be responsive on the mobile device


Same as Qlikview, UI can be designed as per your requirement. But, Tableau has an advantage of having bigger objects be allocated in the given screen space, giving an appeal to the user and much more space and responsiveness for clicks.


Ease of Use

Qlikview gets you to the point where you want to see the data for. But, It’s a bit daunting task – clearing selections and selecting a particular quarter data by pinching and panning, didn’t respond that quick, have to fiddle around a bit to get around. May be, this could be because the dashboard I have used isn’t entirely designed for Mobile devices or my fingers are big. But, wait the dashboard which you can use on your computer should be accessible with same ease on your mobile devices as well, isn’t that the whole point of mobility in BI?


Tableau is much easier when it comes to selections on a dashboard as it responds to your actions quickly and using it for analysis will be easier compared to Qlikview. I also have faced similar problems like freezing at times or slow response to touches, this is an issue of size of the dashboard and complexity in it.



Qlikview Deployment can only be done through a licensed Qlikview Server, a purchase is necessary in order to get your data on your mobile phone. Putting that aside, Qlikview deployment is easy and can be accessed through that secure private link of your server on your mobile phone.


Tableau has both licensed server version for secure access and also Tableau Public which allows you to upload things on the server but it has no control over who can access it. It is available for all who can access Tableau Public. Then we have Tableau Online, cloud based version of Tableau server, all data sources you want to connect will be saved on the cloud and Dashboards can be shared across with no need of behind the firewall or within VPN access.



I haven’t really tried this feature, So I’m not going to score them here. But, from what I have read, Qlikview has collaborative features like people can share a dashboard and changes made by one person will be shared across people who are viewing that dashboard at that same time, just like a WebEx session.

Tableau also has more or less same collaborative features as Qlikview. But, it also has an embed feature, where dashboards can be integrated into your webpage or blog.

Qlikview and Tableau, both are still a bit rusty on Social network collaboration features.


Qlikview is going to roll out Qlikview>Next which is more advanced than what Qlikview has in terms of graphics, mobility and some advanced features. If it is going to be what it is as they are saying, Qlik.Next will give a tough competition to all BI tools in the market now.

Conclusion, Qlikview needs some improvement for its use on mobile devices. It could be because of the complexity of the dashboards. Tableau is faster and responsive compared to Qlikview owing to its bigger real estate or responsive objects.



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