Tableau’s Performance Recording

Tableau has yet another unique feature,  which made me jump and post about it here.

We all have been in a situation where we had to find out that single query, report or code where it is costing us too much on performance of our dashboard. So, we had to dig deep into the dashboard and find which one is putting that extra burden on our dashboard, making it run like a 20 year old truck.  But, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could publish a dashboard out of it, to see performance. wouldn’t that be easy to analyze things?

Yes. Tableau has this integrated feature called Performance Recording. All you need to do is push start, keep working on your dashboard and push stop again and it will give you out a new dashboard with Performance Summary of your dashboard.

Let’s get into details: Open your Tableau Desktop and open your dashboard/workbook which you want to check performance for and go to Help > Settings and Performance > Start Performance Recording , which will start recording performance of your dashboard with each event you make on the dashboard, let that be moving from one sheet to another, opening a dashboard, making selections. All events which are made after you Start Performance Recording, will be recorded and once you are done, go to Help > Settings and Performance and click Stop Performance Recording.

There you go! Your Performance Summary will pop open as dashboard giving out details like Events, Timeline, Query.






I have used Tableau Desktop version (8.1) here. I will also share my thoughts on server version, as soon as I could lay my hands on it.


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