World of Business Intelligence

Lately, We have started working on Qlikview and Tableau. We have also started exploring tools like Microstrategy, Tibco Spotfire, IBM Cognos and others. There will be an immense demand of efficient Business Intelligence tools in near future due to growing data all over the world and We will try to explore the options we can in this world of Business Intelligence and we are going to share our experiences on it, with details on each tool we have come across.

So keep following this blog, we won’t let you down.


2 thoughts on “World of Business Intelligence

  1. I use both Tableau and QlikView. Although very different they are both excellent. They both are the leading products of the new BI generation known as Interactive Visual Analytics.

    In my opinion, QlikView has a more intuitive interface for regular business users or executives that are not technical experts but the development side is a little more complex.
    Tableau on the other hand is a lot easier to use for developers, analysts or power users who need to connect, manipulate and visualize data rather quickly. While this makes Tableau a better fit for the more analytical crowd, it may not be as appealing or intuitive to the regular or casual business users as QlikView.
    Both are really excellent. The choice depends on the fit with the company culture and users

    • Yes, that’s more like it, But what I feel from developing dashboards in both Qlikview and Tableau. Tableau would suit more for analysts and business users who are not that much into technical areas because of easier drag, click and drop features in development. On the other hand Qlikview is for developers, who have more knowledge on the technical side let’s say coding, scripting and development. As Qlikview development can get complex based on the requirement and which isn’t an easy task for normal analysts who don’t have strong IT skills.

      But, finally as I said. Its the customer and their choice to which one they want to have, either way, both are good. Just differs on the investment on development and complexity of dashboards.

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